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Lag Bolt and Carriage Bolt

Lag Bolt and Carriage Bolt

Differentiating a Lag Bold from a Carriage Bolt



For a long time in the market, the bolt has been used over time to help in the construction and designing of machines. With the bolt, an individual is able to put together the kitchen cabinets and concrete pillars that are a key element in the bridges making process. Thus the need for an individual that is in the process of fixing things to consider purchasing a bolt for the process. However, when purchasing a bolt for your projects, it is required that you are careful in the selection process.  This is crucial as the bolts are of different types in the market. For the bolt to be effective, one is required to choose an appropriate bolt for your project.  In this case, look into a different homepage for and learn more info about tips for choosing the right type of bolt to be used. Outlined below in

site are some of the common differences between a lag bolt and the carriage bolt.

Now, the first type of bolt to be discussed here on this site is the lag bolt.  More often than not, it is from the places where there are constructions that the lag bolts can be found.  In specific, in roof construction, the lag bolts are likely to be found there.  With the fixation of the decks in a home collection, the lag bolts are used. The benefits of using the lag bolts is that it is not limited to brick, concrete, and even wood framed items. For an individual that has projects that entail outdoor activities, the lag bolt is the best choice.  Such include the garages that need a strong base.  The lag bolts are also useful in places where the steel beams are to be installed.  For metal roof installation, the lag bolts are useful.

A carriage bolt on the other hand is another type of fastener. With the carriage bolts, there are different materials used to make them.  The stainless steel type of carriage bolt is the best common type.  The round-headedness of the carriage bolt is what makes it different from the lag not in the market.  The carriage bolt has flat-tip threading on the part of the shark.  To make the dock of a boat, one is required to have a carriage bolt with them and also in the making of a play step of a child.  But then again, the carriage bolt cannot be effective if it is not fastened by use of the easier and a nut.  If you want to know the difference between Lag Bolt and Carriage Bolt, read this article now!

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